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Brampton Brick proudly manufactures superior clay brick,  brick & stone veneer, and  cultured stone, serving Canada & the United States, as well as complementary pavers and retaining walls under the Oaks brand name.  With a manufacturing history dating back to the 1800’s, Brampton Brick has embraced advancements in technology to become a world-leader in brick and concrete stone manufacturing.

Our Quality Principles

  • Look at what we do through our customer’s eyes. Would I buy this product? How would I like to be treated?
  • Focus on processes that impact our customers and create performance standards for these key processes
  • Measure the key processes against these standards and insist that work be done right the first time
  • Always look for ways to improve the customer experience

To achieve maximum efficiencies, the manufacturing process utilizes robotic loaders, instead of conventional hand-loading. The industry’s most skilled and highly trained workers supervise the entire manufacturing process.

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