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Erth produces and distributes high-quality natural stone veneers under the brand Erth Coverings. An innovative brand and a pioneer in the natural stone veneer industry, Erth Coverings is preferred by many renowned designers, architects, renovators, builders, stone cladding professionals and DIYers throughout North America.

We love what we do and we do it very well. Since our inception in 2002, we have strived to be the best that we can be in every aspect of our business, and this shows in the great success and growth that we have experienced. Our stringent quality control and constant efforts to exceed our customers’ expectations, sets us apart.

Erth is recognized for its superior quality, ease-of-use, innovative looks and design flexibility, one that matches with many different tastes and styles.

Our Vision

To become North America’s most admired natural stone veneer brand for homeowners, designers and professionals.

Our Mission

To develop fashionable, high-quality and sustainable natural stone veneer products that people are inspired to use in their homes.

Lifetime Warranty

We only develop stone veneers that excel in terms of longevity. As a natural material, stone colours and texture may vary over the years, but our collections are designed to last and to satisfy our customers for life.

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