Oaks Landscape Products proudly manufactures superior concrete paving stones, retaining & wall blocks, curbs & steps as well as enviro products serving Canada & the United States. All of our products are precision engineered with high density factors, meaning a much more durable outdoor living space that can withstand not only the test of time, but all of the wear and tear that life can throw at it.

Our products are built to withstand the scorching heat, freezing cold and everything in between. Our concrete products will not disintegrate or break down. In fact we guarantee it.

Sustainability Principles

Oaks Landscape Products are manufactured from locally sourced, natural materials that are durable and long-lasting. Not only do clay brick, concrete masonry, stone and concrete landscape products have a long life span; they’re also non-toxic and can be recycled and repurposed when they’re no longer beautifying our buildings and landscapes.Sustainability is simply inherent when producing high quality products using clay and concrete as the primary ingredients. This is part of our commitment to the environment, but we don’t just stop there.Our concrete products contain recycled content, displacing traditional Portland cement where possible.

We are also constantly improving our production facilities to reduce waste, improve performance and incorporate new technologies that deliver positive environmental impacts. One example is our partnership with CarbonCure® whose proprietary processes allows us to capture harmful CO2 released during the production of Portland Cement and integrate it within our Concrete Masonry Products; which ultimately reduces the net carbon footprint of the product.

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